Introduction and links

Hi there, and welcome to my blog celebrating rock music in all its forms. Quite simply, I love rock, and I love writing, so I’m combining both and sharing the love here in the blogosphere.

The opening page is designed to publish the newest articles first, but I’ve also set up an A-Z list with links to each article here – I’m hoping the quick access will encourage you to keep coming back.

The idea behind each blog post is to give you a snapshot of an album, that can quickly bring you up to speed on whether or not you think it’s one for you to try out. I’ll offer a brief background to the album or gig, and throw in some personal comments along the way.

If it’s a reissued album, I’ll offer some observations on what you’re getting for your money (eg a better remastering, bonus materials etc). For gig reviews, I’ll publish a set-list if available.

Each review will be relatively brief – no tedious track by track descriptions – in keeping with these busy times where we only have a few free moments to glance at our mobile devices, but I’m hoping that some of these reviews will help you during those moments when you’re needing the short (but informed) version of whether an album is worth checking out.

Hopefully my posts will turn you onto artists and albums you haven’t heard before, or encourage you to revisit those whom you haven’t listened to for a while. I’ll also be offering my thoughts on new releases that I pick up along the way, some from established acts, but also from newer acts that I reckon deserve the spotlight.

I hope you’ll enjoy your visits here, and would encourage you to share your feedback, whether it be to point out errors or potential improvements, or better still, pointing me towards other bands that you think I should be listening to.

Best wishes

John Stout



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